In the movies and even in theater, one of the most exotic and romantic settings is on board a yacht. And if you are thinking about getting a yacht, you no doubt have already thought of the tremendous romantic potential owning this kind of seafaring love nest can be for your romantic life.

But even if you just want to arrange a wonderfully romantic setting to pop the question or to celebrate an anniversary in a way she will never forget, you can’t go wrong in chartering a yacht to cruise whether it’s to cruise the Mediterranean or just for a weekend of romance and excitement.

Many yacht charter companies are notorious experts in how to give you a virtual heaven of romance in the package they can create for you to entertain your lover for an evening, a weekend or for an extended cruise.

By chartering a small yacht to explore some romantic part of the world, you have complete control over your environment every hour of the day. Unlike a hotel or even a resort, your evening of lovemaking is not going to be disturbed by loud music from the bar or rowdy neighbors coming home drunk from a party.

Out to sea your crew and captain will create an idyllic environment of romance for you and your sweetheart that introduces romance into every moment of the day on board from a delightful breakfast sailing by a stunning waterfall while you eat your eggs benedict from the deck of your yacht to a romantic dinner that would be worthy of a 1940s black and white romantic movie.

Because your yachting experience will have been designed specifically for romance, you can chart a course to fit your mood for different romantic settings to keep your gal surprised and delighted every moment of this trip to remember.

Imagine that after an afternoon frolicking on a remote beach that was discovered just for the two of you, your yacht captain takes you to a quaint Italian village where you can dine by candlelight and sample wines and other delicacies that can only be had in this setting. The ambiance and the sights and aromas of your romantic dinner will be so intoxicating you might feel in danger of being overwhelmed by it all.

But after a romantic stroll down cobblestone streets, you don’t have to seek out a quiet night club where only you and she will dance to soft music and candle light. While you dined, your yacht crew created that nightclub on your private yacht docked waiting for your return.

As you gently cruise out to sea, you two can get lost in each other and the music of the night and take the romance to the next level on deck looking at the explosion of stars above and the light of the full moon on the waters of the Mediterranean.

Every aspect of the yacht can be customized to fit your romantic designs especially the bedroom. There will be no honeymoon suite in any five star hotel in the world that will rival your private bungalow out to sea with nobody in miles except for the crew who you know have the discretion to stay away.

The night is yours and you will feel like the world literally melted away and it’s just you and your lover and that yacht and the night of love.