You ever wish you could go back in time and just recreate all of the feelings you had for one another on the first date? Well, I’ve got a few ideas that might help you grab a hold of that old feeling.

The truth is, life can take its toll and sometimes we just grow a little too old with one another and it’s pertinent to work hard at bringing our youthful selves back to the forefront.

Although our physical selves will continue to grow older, it doesn’t mean we have to let that happen on an emotional level as well. Yes, there will be days when things get routine, but we can always vouch for a little excitement from time to time. Don’t you think?

Now this idea, I consider it to be something that you can only use once in a while. Simply because it too would become a predictable routine if used too frequently. Also, because it’s based on timing and money.

And since neither of those things are always available at the time we want them to be… you just may have to stash this one away until you find the appropriate time to use it.

The Date in the Making…

I was thinking a fun thing to do when things get a little stale is spend a few days away from one another. Now, before I go any further, let me say this isn’t a bad thing. This is all geared toward adding a little extra fun in the mix, if you’re up for a small adventure.

The two of you may be getting along famously, but if you’re looking for a little more festivity this could be it.

Here’s how I have it all in mind…

You can sit down with your partner and collaborate on which one of you will spend a couple of days away from home. If you have a relative in town this could be the option you take or if money isn’t a problem you could spend a couple of days in a hotel.

Once you’ve come to an agreement then it’s time to put the rest into action.

Okay, so let’s say your husband decides to be the one to spend a couple of nights at a hotel.

Right now, you might be wondering why he needs to leave the house at all.

Well, there is one very important reason why this is a good idea. Once the both of you separate and spend some time apart, functioning without one another for several days makes the anticipation of seeing each other again a lot more exciting.

The two of you are able to reconnect with the reality of spending time apart. Things will happen in your day that you’ll be able to converse about later, and vice versa.

Another reason is that it induces appreciation for the other person. Sometimes we take each other for granted, but when we spend time away from one another, it’s a lot easier to see how important that person is to us.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself; it will make more sense as I move along, and by the time you’re done reading all of this it’ll all come together nicely.

So, now that you’ve both decided on the fact that he’ll be leaving for a couple of days, the next step is to spend a few days without any initial contact with one another. I consider one day too little, two days to be a fair amount of time, and three days to be just right. But how many days is really up to you in the end.

Once you’ve established that and he’s ready to leave, you’ll also want to make certain that you have no idea where he is staying. It’s important that he keeps this a secret.

Now, for emergency purposes, he may at least want to give you the phone number of the hotel he’s staying at, so that you’ll have a phone number where you can locate him in case an emergency occurs. That way, he’s not forced to give you the name of the hotel or the location. Just a phone number you can use to get in touch with him if need be.

After that, you can simply stash it away in a safe place and trust yourself not to use it unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Now that he’s gone and the house doesn’t feel quite the same without him, consider the following inventive ideas to turn this situation into a one-of-a-kind adventure full of romance and excitement…

All of those days you spent alone without him… keep them in mind, because they will work to your advantage. Because on day three it’s his job to call you up on the phone, whether it be at work or at home, and ask you out on a date!

Once you accept, you can agree on a time, and it’s his job to come and pick you up for your date.