While he’s been away, the house has been quiet, I know. It’s no fun. But now you’ve got something fun to look forward to. Coming together again… and shopping for a new dress!

That’s right, while he’s trying to woo you… you can wow! him.

You haven’t seen each other for three days and he’s planning on taking you some place neither of you have been before. Where? Who knows? That’s his choice. But wherever you’re going… you should be dressed to impress so that when he shows up at your doorstep he’ll be presented with his reward for all of his hard work–A stunning beauty at his side!

So it’s important to shop for something he’s never seen you in. Something you’re absolutely sure he’d love. Just like that of any first date.

Whether he decides to take you to a new restaurant, walk along the beach, or just an intimate dinner back at his place, this is where all of those important or unimportant events over the next few days have some significance.

Chances are both of you have quite a bit to talk about, although it’s only been three days you’ve been away from one another. Three days apart can conjure up a lot of feelings when you love someone and you’re used to them being around.

During your date, it makes for a good time to express what those feelings are and how much you appreciate one another. There are certain valuable things each of you bring to the table of your marriage, and maybe during the time you were apart… you got to see just how much he offered you on a daily basis.

And to add more on top of that… over the last few days, things may have happened in your life that he would normally be there to witness. Well, this time he wasn’t. So why not catch him up? It makes for good conversation—similar to the usual date scenario.

Once the two of you have come to enjoy the evening together, you’ve enjoyed the fine wine and nice dinner, and maybe had some chemistry on the dance floor. Aside from that, he’s enchanted you with his dashing good looks and charismatic smile.

Then once the night comes to full terms, you decide it’s time to go. You had a lovely evening and you reconnect on the way back home.

At least home is where you think you’re going, until he invites you back to his place (the hotel). You accept.

At the hotel, the two of you talk for several more hours and at some point find that old familiar chemistry drawing the two of you close once again. So you decide to stay that night at his place.

Hold on, before I go any further. Let’s rewind…

The two of you are getting along well. Everything is going smoothly. On the way home he invites you back to his place. You decline. He takes the bittersweet rejection smoothly. He drops you off at your house and walks you up to the door.

“I had a nice time tonight.”

“I did too,” he says, and with slight apprehension he leans in to kiss you (he knows he can’t resist. The laws of attraction have been drawing him in all night).

“I’d invite you in for a cup of coffee…” (We all know what that means!)

“Sure. Coffee sounds great,” he says and follows you inside.

Now of course the chance of either of you saying or doing any of that is slim to none, unless you’re role-playing, but that sure was a heck of a lot of fun to write. I couldn’t resist. I was on a roll!

No but seriously, I wrote all of that for a reason. Obviously you are reinventing the first date. One in which you get to choose your own adventure.

The idea of the hotel cannot only be used as a way for the two of you to spend three days apart, but also as an exciting incentive if you want that one-night-stand appeal with your husband–by going back to “his place” which was the importance behind you having no knowledge of where he was staying.

If you have no knowledge of where he’s staying, it’s all a complete mystery, and the suspense of that can add a lot of fun to an already adventurous night.

However, maybe he’ll be homesick and want to head home that night, hence the alternate ending above.

The fun of it is that a lot of it is such a wild card. Both of you have surprises to look forward to and the beauty of reestablishing intimacy in a new way while you choose your own adventure!

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